Tropical Island House: the surroundings

The island is located opposite the small fishing town of Itacuruçá – a short 5-minute boat trip. This is the place to do your grocery shopping. On the island itself, with a circumference of 16 miles, there are no shops or cars. While the Tropical Island House is just a couple of minutes by boat from the mainland, it overlooks the west, where the sun sets at sea.

The location of the house at 50 miles from Rio is ideal to combine your trip with this fantastic metropolis. From the Tropical Island House you can visit other beautiful places such as Ilha Grande, Paraty, Saco de Mamangua or Trindade without having to travel a lot of extra miles.

Tropical Island House and its surroundings can be visited all year round. The hottest months (summer) are the months of November to March. February is generally the hottest month, August the coldest, although temperatures here almost never fall below 72ºF. The driest period is from June to August, during winter.

Carlinhos was born on this island and knows the area like the back of his hand. No better skipper is conceivable to take you to the Restinga de Marambaia , a 25 mile long sandbank with crystal clear waters and white beaches. . Being a natural reserve this area is unspoiled!  You can also make a boat tour visiting the other islands in the area like Jaguanum.

The location of The Tropical Island House only 50 miles from Rio invites to combine your beach holiday with some days in the beautiful city of Rio . We live in Rio and rent out a very spacious suite (430 ft2, max. 4 persons) in our apartment with a king- size bed and private bathroom. If necessary , two more beds can be added . From the terrace with wooden deck and swimming pool you have a beautiful view of Christ the Redeemer, the beach of Botafogo and the bay of Guanabara!

Ilha Grande (Big Island)

From Itacuruça you can reach Mangaratiba in 25 minutes, where the boat leaves for Ilha grande.
Ilha Grande (large island) is known as the Brasilian Caribe. Lopes Mendes beach is considered one of the most attractive beaches in the world. You can take wonderful hikes from beach to beach through the beautiful tropical forest or climb the Pico do Papagayo (parrot’s beak) mountain of almost 600 ft. height (recommended with guide)!
No cars or other motor vehicles are allowed on the island.  Ilha Grande became a World Heritage Site in July 2019!  If you want to travel further from Ilha Grande you can take the boat back to the mainland with destination Angra dos Reis. From here you can be in Paraty in less than two hours by car.


Paraty is a small town on the coast surrounded by mountains about 150 miles from Rio. The Portuguese colonial center has cobbled streets and buildings from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, when the municipality was an important port during the Brazilian gold rush. One of the architectural sights is the Capela de Santa Rita, a whitewashed church built in 1722 overlooking the sea. Just as Ilha Grande, Paraty was declared a World Heritage Site in July 2019. The many cozy bars, restaurants and markets combined with the beautiful architecture make this place a mandatory stop!

Saco de Mamangua

Saco do Mamanguá, known as the only South American fjord, is a vast nature reserve where land vegetation changes into maritime vegetation with beautiful beaches and a sea arm that enters the landscape between the mountains.

You can visit Saco de Mamangua by boat that departs from the historic center of Paraty (although it is much farther from there) or from Paraty-Mirim (30 minutes by car from Paraty).


Trindade is half an hour’s drive south of Paraty. A small town with beautiful beaches. This place is very popular with surf enthusiasts.